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Welcome to The Underground. Staying on the surface is never as fun. Find out what's going on behind the scenes with London Acoustics. We'll also post a log of all product updates and changes / bug fixes here. If there's anything specific you think is worth adding, please let us know.

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Our plugins are now Acqua standalone! (VST, AAX, AU)

Great news for the London Acoustics customers: the new Acquarius update 2.3.002 is available and features Setups for ACQUA libraries!
This means that now Aquarius builds automatically for you the VST2/3, AU & AAX version to load directly the Plug from your DAW plugin list without first having to open N4.


ps. You must have the latest N4 (commercial) or N4 player (FREE!) installed as backend engine – min. 1.1.013

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An Update for 2019

In 2018 we witnessed exciting leaps forward by Acustica Audio: improved techniques, new products, a new website, and, especially interesting for us, the birth of the new Marketplace and the Third Party Developers realm.

As soon as we could, we started to develop and offer a new series of high-quality official Acqua plugins for N4. And what a year it’s been! We have been humbled by and are extremely thankful to everyone for the interest and support to our work.