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How to Install Acustica Audio N4 Player

Install N4 Player in DAW

You will need to install Acustica Audio N4 or N4 Player to run London Acoustics plugins. This will allow our plugin to perform exactly like a standalone Acqua plugin, from within N4 or N4 Player’s framework. This also ensures you will always have the latest Acqua engine for all of your London Acoustics third party plugins.

N4 Player Installation

If you don’t already have N4 or the free N4 Player, here’s how you go about installing it:

  1. Signup to create your personal accoount in the Acustica Audio website

  2. Purchase or activate the trial for your preferred London Acoustics product

  3. Download and install Acustica Audio AQUARIUS assistant application and insert the details of your personal account to log in.

  4. Once AQUARIUS is loaded, in the left tab named “Purchased”, locate the N4 Player plug-in, then click on “Install”
    TIP: Please note you may only install ONE of either N4 OR N4 Player on your system. The two applications cannot coexist.

  5. Then, also via AQUARIUS, locate and install your LONDON ACOUSTICS plugin (as default it will be installed in the “Nebula4temprepository” folder)
    TIP: Any N4 ACQUA plugin needs wither the N4 or N4 Player framework to run properly. They are not intended to be standalone plugins.

  6. Next, open your sequencer or DAW and load the N4 Player instance as you would any other plugin – in any insert or send slot (VST, VST3, AU or AAX).

  7. In N4 Player you will then find your LONDON ACOUSTICS N4 ACQUA plugin ready to load.

  8. Enjoy!