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Osaka Mix Eq Update Available Now – 23.11.2018


An update for OSAKA MIX EQ is available as of 23/11/2018. Please read the changelog and notes carefully before updating.


  • DRIFT+, no longer sudden cut on high frequencies over 22.5Khz
  • Knobs are better alligned to the zero mark
  • Knobs have more animation-resolution, for a more precise control
  • Knobs have a better handling on subtle movements, the Gain scale is now more gentle on the lower-range values (good for mastering)
  • Cleaner frequency-response curves, solved some rare cases of reported slight-echo”bug”
  • CPU usage optimisation
  • UI with written Frequency and Volume values, by popular demand
  • DRIFT+ now responds correctly to the trim knob in conjunction with the PRE
  • DRIFT+ now fully driven

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Due the change of the knobs resolution and progression, this update can be loaded in the old projects but IS NOT RETRO COMPATIBLE for the resulted sound. Please if you used the previous version in a project, make a track consolidation before updating !!!!

Enjoy this awesome improved version of Osake Mix EQ.

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