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TAIPEI Studio Tape Recorder Tutorial 1

TAIPEI Tutorial 1

We’ve just released the first TAIPEI tutorial video. It’s just over 11 minutes long and contains tons of useful information on finding the optimal settings, gain staging, usage tips and a sound test. We hope it comes in useful to your mixes! If you’ve already got the plugin and have been waiting for a TAIPEI tutorial, here you go:

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Verona Tube Console in Shootout Video

Paul Third Tube EQ Shootout

Tube shootout video alert! Youtuber Poul Third asks the important question: “What does a tube eq sound like and can we recreate a tube sound in audio plugins / music production software?” In an episode of his “Mixing Wednesdays”, Paul compares three prominent tube EQ plugins, including Acustica Audio‘s Cobalt, Tone Empire‘s Black Q2 and our very own Verona Tube Console in his extensive tube shootout video.