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Merry Christmas 2023

Wishing you the merriest Christmas and an epic year in 2024! Big thanks for always having our backs and making things awesome.

Hey friends! Wishing you all an awesome Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Oh, and heads up: from 21 December to 7 January, all our plugins are 30% off! Consider this extension, requested by many of you who missed the Black Friday offers, as a Christmas present from our team to yours!

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We released a minor fix of TAIPEI Studio Tape Recorder. The updated version [A008 – 4 November 2021] is available now via the Aquarius app. The Trial version was also updated. Below is the TAIPEI update changelog.

TAIPEI (FULL version) Changelog:

  • “random volume variations” bug of the ATR tape, reported by users in some cases, is now fixed.

TAIPEI (LITE version) Changelog:

  • “random volume variations” bug of the ATR tape, reported by users in some cases, is now fixed.
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Osaka 2.0, Tokyo 2.0, Enna & Telge 2.0 Changelogs

We’ve just upgraded our unmissable flagship Osaka Mix EQ 2 and its awesome vintage cousin Tokyo Tube EQ 2. While we were at it, due to popular demand, we also perfected our Enna & Telge Enhancer Bundle 2 with some spicy new controls. Here are detailed changelogs for each of them.

OsakaMix EQ 2 changelog:

  • High pass filter and Low pass filter added
  • Cleaner, more accurate frequency-response curves and PH distortion
  • New resampled preamp with the same technique of Brighton
  • New resampled DRIFT+ with the same technique of Brighton
  • Now with full 44, 48, 96 native pack and better SRC
  • More efficient with overall CPU usage improvements
  • Redefined knobs resolution and progression for a better overall usability

Tokyo Tube EQ 2 changelog:

  • Better, more accurate frequency-response curves. Solved some rare cases of reported slight-echo
  • Better, more accurate phase distortion
  • UI with written Frequency and Volume values, due to popular demand
  • New resampled (second unit) preamp with the same technique of Brighton
  • Now with full 44, 48, 96 native pack and better SRC
  • Overall CPU usage improvement
  • Redefined knob resolution and progression for a better usability

Enna and Telge Enhancer Bundle 2 changelog:

  • ENNA: Intensity control now with 1/3 button for a lighter action range, ideal for mastering purpose
  • ENNA: IN knob for a complete gain staging control
  • TELGE: Mix knob for placing the plugin also as insert
  • TELGE: IN knob for a complete gain staging control
  • BOTH: VU meter revision

We hope you like these updates!

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N4 Core update: N4 R014 (standard) released.

For all our London Acoustics customers: the new N4 update is safe and highly recommended in order to fix several previous issues.

Please make sure to update the N4 engine and the standalone N4PluginName (vst, aax, au) too.
Follow the next steps procedure if you experience issues:

  • First of all check if Brighton loaded into N4 is working and recalls the settings.
  • Then check if the engine of N4Brighton is the same (last update) of the N4 engine [under “settings” tab in the N4 wrapper frame. See the picture].

  • If not, please uninstall (via Aquarius) the previous VST2 standalone version of Brignton and reinstall it.


February 10, 2020

  • N4
    Core update: N4 R012 (legacy and troubleshooting) and R014 (standard) released.

UPDATED N4, using latest release of the engine 1.4.327, the version N4 .014 and the framework E
it fixes several bugs and a very strange crash bug:

– Dynamic rate conversion disabled on N4 and Aquarius setup for libraries (update repository is mandatory).- Fixed frozen parameters on automation.
– Fixed denormal issues added on Xcode10.
– Fixed strange folders with “\ etc.” create on macOS.
– Fixed N4 crashing when an important folder is not present.
– Fixed generic crashes linked to uninitialized structures.
– Partially fixed meters (direct metering is still not enabled for N4).
– damaged engine folders (caused by aquarius), this fix is only in version R013
– also this version fixes denormals in a better way

About the releases:
R012 is based on old N4 wrapper 1.1.013
R013 is based on new N4 wrapper 1.1.014

They are both based on engine 1.4.327, but LEGACY engines are not supported (in acqua plugin we can set LEGACY mode and enable old engines). Maybe we’ll release something for legacy engines too (compiled on old xcode compilers).
Note: the engine is signed (so Catalina ready), but N4 is still not signed (it will be signed soon). We are waiting for an update soon, so the release candidate will be R014

Also LEGACY engines can’t be signed, they will never be Catalina-ready. So much better if we make version R013/R014 working everywhere, because it could work on Catalina.

ADDENDUM: this is valid also for the newest updates like N4 R015 and following.