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Verona Vintage Tube Console M1 Update

Verona Vintage Tube Update for M1

Verona has now been updated for compatibility with Apple M1 ARM processors. The update also includes updates to the algorithm for oversampling and improved sound quality.

Full changelog

– Fully compatible with ARM M1
– Oversampling
– Improved sound quality

Re-introductory Price

MSRP is €85,00. To celebrate this update, there is a re-introductory price of €59,00 (30% off) for 15 days until 20th December 2022 (11:59pm UTC+2).

Verona Vintage Tube Console Features:

• Low Shelf +/-15dB gain, 80Hz.
• Mid-Low Semi Parametric, continuous, +/- 15dB gain, 125Hz-3.7kHz frequency range.
• High Shelf +/-17dB gain, 12kHz.
• Vintage tube analogue circuit preamp on/off button.
• Recapped preamps selection-knob, 9 positions.
• Output peak VU meter led.

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