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Black Friday Sale 2021

London Acoustics Sale Black Friday 2021 with 30% off everything

From 25 November to 7 December get 30% off our entire range of audio plugins in our Black Friday sale. This includes the following audio tools:

Taipei Studio Tape Recorder


Bring unmatched analogue character to your recordings with our latest addition to the plugin family, a 16 track 2” tape machine for the tracks and a stereo track 1/4” tape machine for the master buss.
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Verona Vintage Tube Console

No frills, simple and very effective for adding high quality tube warmth to your tracks. The unit we sampled to make this beauty is extremely rare and its model still relatively unknown to most.
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Enna & Telge Enhancer Bundle

Unmissable enhancement tools that, when used together, will make your ITB work sound as good as if it were produced in an analogue studio. Yes, you read that right, this magic is available and could be at your fingertips.
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Brighton Opto Tube Comp

It makes your recordings sound like that super slick layer of grease that coats the paper plate, your fingers, and your face after you’ve indulged in battered cod and chips while watching the sun set over the sea.
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Osaka Mix EQ

Perfect your mixes with this valuable EQ tool designed with no compromise on quality. It features LOW SHELF, LOW-MID and HIGH-MID PARAMETRIC, and HI SHELF parameter controls, somewhat Oxford-esque in inspiration.
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Tokyo Tube EQ

A classic choice and our entry into the plugin world, Tokyo is inspired by a rare parametric tube equaliser, carefully refurbished and sampled for historical accuracy, designed to bring beautifully warm vintage colour to your tracks.
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