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Osaka 2 Mix EQ is a custom-built, solid-state parametric equaliser plugin designed for no compromise on quality. It features LOW SHELF, LOW-MID and HIGH-MID PARAMETRIC, and HI SHELF parameter controls, somewhat Oxford-esque in inspiration, though specially developed to bring a wide palette of colour to your mixes. We’ve created a special DRIFT+ feature that harnesses the reactions of real circuitry to the effects of component temperature over time, adding an extra dimension of control to your mixes. Read more below…

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Osaka 2 Mix EQ features a second preamp stage called DRIFT+, an addtional preamp stage with custom circuitry, sampled and developed entirely by LONDON ACOUSTICS to emphasize the “analogue feel” of this equipment.

Osaka Mix EQ is an official third-party plugin for N4 Player

INSTALL N4 Player directly from your Aquarius free app
This plugin uses a patented technology courtesy of Acustica Audio SRL Nebula ©. For more information after purchase, please read the accompanying manual for installation, settings and usage.


For Osaka 2 Mix EQ we created a special parameter called DRIFT+. “Analogue Drift” is in regard to the effect of the component’s temperature altering its sonic character, over time. DRIFT+ lets you control this effect, allowing subtle variations to each mix. All of these subtle variations are usually due to naturally occurring reactions in circuitry that have not been compensated for in the design. This phenomenon is also known as the (with a slightly less glamorous name) “Flaw/Feature effect”.

In the physical hardware domain, the DRIFT+ effect could be said to give the impression of more air, openness and a subtle enhancement of dynamics, to make your recording sound more “alive”. The DRIFT+ feature is an integral part of that sonic character that gives vintage signal processors that analogue sound.

With DRIFT+, we have harnessed this effect and brought it in line with current audio standards: recreating this effect in an amplified way, improving the fidelity, widening the frequency spectrum and response. The DRIFT+ option is well suited to nearly every kind of track, mixing group, and sometimes even worth try on the master buss!

Osaka 2.5 Mix EQ Features

  • Low Shelf +/-15dB gain, 20 – 400Hz fequency range.
  • Mid-Low Parametric, continuous bell-Q shape (narrow to wide), +/-15dB gain, continuous 50Hz-1.3kHz frequency range.
  • Mid-High Parametric, continuous bell-Q shape (narrow to wide), +/-15dB gain, continuous 1kHz-13kHz frequency range.
  • High Shelf +/-15dB gain, 1.5 – 13kHz fequency range.
  • High Pass Filter 75Hz 12dB/oct, Low pass filter 16kHz 12dB/oct.
  • Solid State analogue circuit preamp on/off button.
  • Analogue Drift circuit [DRIFT+] on/off button.
  • Bypass on/off button.
  • VU Meters IN/OUT -42/+5dB
  • VST, AU, AAX – 64 bit


  • Silicon M compatible with VST and AU formats.
  • Cleaner, more accurate frequency-response curves, and PH distortion.
  • Oversampling 4X.
  • UI led fixed.
  • New VU meters tech.
  • Improved overall sound.


Audio Files

Osaka Mix EQ, subtle application on a rough mix of a live jazz session. Just the eq without any other effects and pre or post-production.
Courtesy of our happy customer Nologo Studio (Italy) – Artist: Monica Callegaro Ensemble.

Like what you hear? Please, feel free to try the full version of Osaka Mix EQ plugin with a month’s free trial.

Download the Hi-Res 96k-32bit files of Rough Mix

Download the HI-Res 96k-32bit files of Piano

Download the HI-Res 96k-32bit files of Upright Bass

Download the HI-Res 96k-32bit files of Drums

Download the HI-Res 96k-32bit files of Guitar Picking


Exploring OSAKA MIX EQ

We take you through the parameters of Osaka Mix EQ on a funky 3-Track mix including drums, bass and e-piano. Hear the difference it makes to the whole mix, as well as each instrument individually. We also check out how Osaka’s pre can add dynamics to the instrument, bypassing the EQ effect and just using the preamp, both with or without the Drift+ setting engaged.


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NEW Osaka 2.0 and Tokyo 2.0 Tests


Osaka Mix EQ by London Acoustics – Plugin Review


LONDON ACOUSTICS Plugin Installation

Trial Version

Osaka Mix EQ is available as a trial version for 1 month. You can download the trial version for free from Acustica Audio’s Aquarius App. You will need to create an account to access the download, totally safe, we’ve tried it and it didn’t hurt one bit.

Hope you like it!

How to Install and use

An Acqua library is similar to a Nebula library but it is built by merging several emulation presets into a single one, resulting in a more complex simulation with a custom user interface.
It’s exactly like a standalone Acqua plugin but it needs N4/N4 Player framework to run properly.
In this way you will have always the latest updated Acqua engine for all of your Third Party Plugins.

  1. Signup to create your personal accoount in the Acustica Audio website

  2. BUY there or activate the trial of your preferred LONDON ACOUSTICS product

  3. Download and install Acustica Audio AQUARIUS assistant application , after that insert the details of your personal account

  4. Trough AQUARIUS, in the left tab “Purchased”, locate the N4 Player multi-effect plug-in, then click “install”
    TIP: Please, mind that you can install in your system just ONE of N4 OR N4 Player. The two softwares cannot coexist together. 

  5. Always through AQUARIUS, in the same way, locate and install your LONDON ACOUSTICS plugin (in default it will be installed in the Nebula4temprepository folder)
    TIP: Any N4 ACQUA plugin needs N4 or N4 Player framework to run properly, they are not intended to be standalone plugins.

  6. From your sequencer you can now start to load N4 Player as the other common FX plugins, in every insert or send slot (VST, VST3, AU, AAX)

  7. In N4 Player you can find then your LONDON ACOUSTICS N4 ACQUA plugin to load.

  8. Enjoy!



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