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Taipei Rev. B Out Now – M1 compatibility update changelog


Our Taipei Studio Tape Recorder plugin is finally receiving a well deserved update to Taipei Rev. B. This revision brings in Apple M processor compatibility as well as some bug fixes.

Taipei Rev. B Changelog:

  • Silicon M compatible with VST and AU formats
  • Output volume increased back to +24dB
  • Improved input LED VU meter
  • Improved VU meters reaction
  • Fixed NOISE REDUCTION circuitry
  • Fixed random volume fluctuations on ATR tape
  • Oversampling
  • Improved overall sound
  • Improved CPU usage

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TAIPEI is a plugin made to deliver strong analogue character, in the form of a 16 track 2” tape machine for the tracks, and a stereo track 1/4” tape machine for the master buss. The long process of sampling, listening, testing and studying, helped the London Acoustics team to isolate all their preferred sections of each different tape machine and compose them back into a single plugin.
The plugin is designed for everything you want to make like coming from-a-tape, for single tracks, to the master-buss, and even for mastering purpose.

NB: This is an update, not an upgrade

TAIPEI Rev.B is not backward compatible with the previous version, so it’s recommendable to finish any ongoing projects or print the files before the update. It’s not an upgrade to 2.0, it’s an update to Taipei Rev. B.

Some answers to questions posed during development:

Q: Why no upgrade to 2.0?
A: A 2.0 version would involve a lot more time and work (that means a bigger delay until launch), more space on the server to store and download and we needed to improve on these issues with the original Taipei version first. In any case, you will be able to upgrade and downgrade from Aquarius at any time in a few minutes, depending on your needs.